Weekend at Unravel

The venture down to Farnham for Unravel was an especially fun experience and over-all successful weekend. I started off the festival with my workshop on stranded knitting. It was a pleasure to teach in this fantastic dance studio and to be accompanied by a great group of ten ladies. I hope they enjoyed their morning as much as I did. 

I spent the rest of the weekend behind my stand getting to meet and talk to many knitters from Farnham and afar. The craft team at the Maltings was incredible host. There were many friendly faces from the customers and vendors as well. I was in the Courtyard Kiln with Texere Yarns Ltd and The Fibre Company, who were fantastic neighbours to have for the weekend.

The weekend weather was fairly dry but of course it had the rain during set-up and take-down. I got to feast my eyes on the beautiful colour pallets by The Fibre Company during my spare time and that never hurts! 

My first experience at Unravel was exactly what I expected, fun, refreshing and motivating. Meeting new people in the knitting industry and chatting up with old acquaintances was exactly what I needed to spark my inspiration for this coming fall and winter. I'm already looking forward to next year at Unravel!