The sights of September have been fantastic so far! Pom Pom participated in the Royal Horticultural Society's Secret Garden Sundays on September 7th. Here are a few shots of the gorgeous things I was surrounded by all day. I left with fresh produce for dinner, handprinted cards and a few bottles of apple cider.

Monday, September the 8th, was my twenty-fifth birthday. So I decided to take myself out sightseeing again with Tally Ho! Cycle Tours. These pictures are from their Old City Tour. The weather was gorgeous and the cider was sweet. I couldn't have asked for anything more. 


Last week, Naho Izumi of Temaricious, stopped by Pom Pom Headquarters to tell us all about Temari. Temari is a form of  traditional Japanese folk art which is the process of making thread balls. Originally, they were for children to play with. Now they are just mainly for beautiful decor. Naho and her team also naturally dye the cotton threads used to make the temari balls.