It dawned on me recently that since settling in London, nearly nine months ago now, I have not left the city for a weekend where I can purely enjoy myself. Of course I've ventured outside to Farnham and Edinburgh, but those were both knitting and work related weekends, fun but still work. So when I received an invite from my housemate to spend the weekend on his home island, Guernsey, I thought "Guernsey can't be that bad right?". Turns out Guernsey is friggin' awesome and it's the kind of place that I absolutely love. If there's rugged landscape meeting the majestic Atlantic Ocean, I'm all over that and Guernsey certainly had lots of it. In a way it reminded me of areas of the Maritimes back home, only with more WWII bunkers and gin & tonics. 

A few of us ventured away from Kin 2000, our home in London, to spend the weekend celebrating Marcel Le Bachelet, the First of His Name's birthday, at his family's home. When I wasn't soaking up the sun in his mom's garden surrounded by cats and chickens, we were venturing across the island. We sat with our toes in the fine Guernsey sand, climbed over rocks and enjoyed the award winning dairy that Guernsey has to offer. I had the best scrambled eggs and ice cream (not together) of my life. 

I did bring some work with me on this short holiday. I can't help it! However, I was more than happy to wake up early before the boys to knit and enjoy the calm surroundings. In my next post I'll share what I managed to accomplish and my new knitting designs that the Guernsey landscape help bring to life.