On the Farm

Here are a few shots taken on the farm. This is only a fraction of the two hundred alpacas here at Toft. 


I spend a lot of time near the maternity paddocks. It's hard not to end up with many photos of the baby alpacas, which are called crias. 

Multicoloured crias are a rare sight here. Toft's alpacas are intentionally breed to be one colour to make it easy when it comes to turning the fleece into yarn. This year, they surprisingly ended up with two multicoloured crias. The one laying down is a subtle blend of cream and beige, unlike his friend, who is a shocking contrast of white and dark brown.  

A few of the older crias. 

Since arriving a week and a half ago, there have been four new additions to the herd. This cria was only a few hours old at the time of the photo. 

This is Pippa, a special cria on the farm. Pippa didn't have an easy start in life and never formed a bond with her mother. She needs be bottle fed and has imprinted on humans which makes her quite curious and friendly. If you'd like to see a video of Pippa, click here