September always feels like the beginning of a new year, more so when compared to January. First of all my birthday is at the beginning of September. There's a lot of time spent thinking on what this past year has meant and also provokes me to narrow down my goal to accomplish before the year is over. Plus, fall is my favourite season. Small signs creep in and take over the fading summer. For a long time it was the start of a new school year, which meant new challenges and new projects. Now, September sparks the first real buzz again amongst the knitting community. Of course, I knit all year round, but during September I find more knitters are picking up their needles again after a hot summer and striving on with the fall projects and contemplating their Christmas knitting. 

This time last year I was just starting to get to know the knitting community in London. So far I had been interning at Pom Pom for a few weeks and one of the first events I helped Lydia and Amy with, was The Great London Yarn Crawl put on by Yarn in the City. Pom Pom hosted the afterparty for the knitters to regroup for drinks, a pop quiz and prizes! This year the organizers, Alison and Rachel added the Pop-Up Marketplace as a place to visit and shop along side London's independent yarn shops. The marketplace was at the Chelsea Old Town Hall and I was fortunate enough to be a part of this elegant event. 

Natalie Selles, also known as Leeleetea, and I will be teaming up together to take on some of the upcoming yarn festivals and craft fairs this year!